Why Samsung Is Going to Hate Product Liability Attorneys

March 31, 2017

Anyone who follows tech news knows Samsung has received much negative attention recently.  With the manufacturer’s upcoming product release, product liability attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, and throughout the country are prepared to step up should Samsung release another defective product. Product_Liability_Attorney.jpg

Background: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In September 2016, Samsung made headlines when it announced a recall—first informally, and then formally—of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.  The recall was necessary because a manufacturing defect related to the phones’ batteries caused some devices to overheat and, in some cases, cause fires.

After a brief effort to replace defective phones, in October 2016 Samsung halted all production of the Galaxy Note 7.  This move, accompanied by a worldwide recall, came after even the replacement devices offered experienced the same battery defect and overheating.

Defective Galaxy Note 7 devices were known to have caught fire and/or exploded in dozens of cases.  Notably, airlines began banning the devices as early as September 2016 due to the dangerous risks created by the manufacturer’s careless defect.

Galaxy Note 7 Lawsuits

Since the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung has faced numerous lawsuits.  Of course, Samsung has encountered product liability claims stemming from instances of injury and property damage caused by overheating phones and fires. 

Notably, though, the largest legal action Samsung has faced stemming from this defective product is a class action lawsuit.  This class action lawsuit has alleged that Samsung’s sale of a defective product caused customers to lose money due to payment for services that could not be used.  In other words, customers were left paying for their telecommunications services even though they did not have a phone to access those services.

How Samsung’s Recall Shows That Product Liability Attorneys Protect the “Little Guy”

There is little doubt that, without product liability attorneys, those injured physically or who have suffered property damage would be facing a tough fight.  Samsung is a multi-national corporation with deep pockets and legal resources.  Standing alone against such a large product manufacturer can seem impossible.

An experienced attorney can help level the playing field by using the legal processes in place that allow injured individuals to obtain compensation from careless manufacturers.  Product liability attorneys are frequently at the forefront of investigating negligent manufacturing and design issues in all areas of consumer product manufacturing.  From automobiles to appliances to electronics, many unreasonably dangerous or defective products injure consumers every day.

By allowing individuals to fight with the full force of the law and, in some cases, filing a class action to compensate large numbers of injured consumers, product liability attorneys can help victims obtain compensation and help force negligent manufacturers to change their ways.

Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA | Product Liability Attorneys

With Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone set to be released in the near future, the lawyers of Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA are monitoring the manufacturers activities.  As experienced product liability attorneys, the team at Lowe Eklund is prepared to help you or your loved ones against negligent manufacturers.

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