When to Hire an Ohio Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

January 30, 2018

Neglect of a loved one in a nursing home facility is unacceptable.  Unfortunately, it occurs with alarming frequency in Ohio and across the country.  If your loved one has suffered because of the negligence of a nursing home facility or its staff, you need a nursing home neglect lawyer to help protect your parent or […]

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Nursing Home Abuse: Separating Myth from Fact

July 25, 2017

Everyone agrees that instances of nursing home abuse are cause for alarm.  But most people do not understand the various types of abuse that can occur, and the shocking frequency of physical, emotional, and financial abuse that our loved ones endure.  When families make the decision to place an elderly or special needs loved one […]

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How Can Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Help Senior Citizens?

April 30, 2017

Deciding to place a loved one in a nursing home facility can be difficult.  We all want the senior citizens in our lives to receive the care and attention they need.  Unfortunately, as elderly abuse and neglect continues in Ohio and nationwide, nursing home abuse lawyers are seeing many families harmed by the mistreatment of […]

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Federal Elder Justice Task Force Takes Aim at Negligent Ohio Nursing Homes

April 2, 2016

New Task Force May Help Prevent Ohio Nursing Home Injuries

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Choosing a Nursing Home: How One Online Database Could Help Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety

January 9, 2016

Nursing home injuries, both in Cleveland and throughout Ohio, are all too common. As we have discussed in previous blog entries, a third of nursing home patients will suffer injury or death as the result of treatment or medication errors—nearly 60% of which are actually preventable errors. With risks this alarmingly high, it is imperative […]

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Image for 3 Myths about Nursing Home Injuries post

3 Myths about Nursing Home Injuries

December 4, 2015

When making the difficult decision to place a family member in a nursing home, it is comforting to believe that the facility’s personnel will give our loved ones the attention and care they deserve. But, no matter how safe or ideal an extended care facility may seem, it is important that family members of residents […]

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