Fracking Caused 77 Earthquakes in Ohio Town According to Report

January 8, 2015

The evidence of the dangers of fracking continues to mount, with new research published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America showing that fracking caused 77 earthquakes over the span of just nine days in Poland Township, Ohio.  At this point, it is frankly unconscionable for fracking companies and proponents to ignore the dangerous effects that fracking has on the environment and communities surrounding fracking wells.

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As we have detailed on this blog, the link between fracking and seismic activity strengthening with every new report.  Earthquakes, though, are not the only dangers posed by fracking.  Fracking site fires have caused families to be evacuated from their homes, wreaked havoc on the local ecosystem, and created serious risk of personal injury or death to those in the area.  Workplace accidents in these dangerous conditions are also becoming more frequent.

Fracking operations may also lead to contaminated ground water, as well as exposing innocent victims to toxic waste and airborne chemicals.  Fortunately, as the evidence of fracking’s dangers piles up, we can expect to see more injured victims and their families receiving compensation for their injuries.

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