Fracking Injuries Continue to Make Headlines Throughout the U.S.

August 11, 2015

Fracking Lawsuits on the Rise

A Texas family has filed a lawsuit against several entities carrying on fracking operations near Fort Worth after a well explosion left the four family members severely burned.  The family alleges that the defendants’ fracking activities caused a private water well to be contaminated with methane gas.  While attempting to perform maintenance on the well, the family said, one family member turned on an electric light, which created an explosion powerful enough to injure two family members 20 feet away and which left one family member disfigured and disabled.

The Texas lawsuit comes only weeks after a West Virginia woman filed a nuisance lawsuit against fracking companies Antero Resources Appalachian Corp., Hall Drilling LLC and Noble Energy Inc.  That suit alleged not only interference with the use and enjoyment of property, but also that the defendants have “concealed the dangerous nature of their natural gas activities and the impact these activities have on nearby landowners and the environment.”

Meanwhile, environmental groups in several states, including California and Pennsylvania, have brought claims against fracking companies as scientific evidence continues to demonstrate the disastrous effects hydraulic fracturing can have on local communities and ecosystems.

Ohio Fracking Lawsuits Require the Expertise of an Ohio Fracking Lawyer

In Ohio, the state government has exclusive authority over fracking regulation, a fact that has undermined previous efforts to impose bans and restrictions at the local level.  The end result is that more Ohioans are now being exposed to the risks of fracking activities.  Personal injuries, workplace accidents, nuisance, water contamination, property damage, and even seismic activity have been caused by or linked to fracking.

If you or a loved one are among the increasing number of individuals injured as the result of fracking activities, contact Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today to discuss your claims.

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