Guess Who’s Recalling Another 30K Defective Products

March 19, 2016

Before beginning this post, it should be clarified that this blog is not, in fact, dedicated solely to IKEA-related issues. Granted, it may seem to be heading that direction but that is only because no one else is giving this story the attention it deserves.

As we discussed in January, over the last year and a half IKEA has issue consumer alerts covering millions of products. Recall after recall has plagued the business, which is now being sued for wrongful death. As if to emphasize the points made in our initial post, IKEA recalled 800,000 dangerous ceiling lamps only days after we addressed the retailers problematic practice of selling defective products. And now, as if to emphasize the points made in our second post, IKEA yet again has issued a new recall only days after we brought the ceiling lamp issue to readers’ attention.

Readers will excuse the glibness of the above recounting of events, but the continual blunders of a business so unconcerned with consumer safety would be almost laughable if it weren’t so tragic. Two children are dead and many more have been injured by IKEA products in the last 24 months. At this point, it would not be unreasonable to question the safety of all IKEA products given the obvious disregard for the well-being of end users.

IKEA Lamp Recall

The latest IKEA recall applies to approximately 30,600 “Gothem” floor and table lamps. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Cables damaged during manufacturing can come in contact with the metal body of the lamp, posing a shock hazard to consumers.” There have already been several reports of shocks to users. The lamps were sold at IKEA stores and online from October 2015 through February 2016.

Those who are using Gothem lamps should cease using them immediately.

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